Flush Casement Windows vs French Casement Windows

flush and french casement windows

Flush vs French, Which is Best?

You may not realise but there are a number of difference between flush casement windows and French casement windows. Each profile offers a unique design and bespoke aesthetics. At Ultra Trade Frames, we offer a selection of market leading French and flush casement windows perfect for a variety of homes.

If you would like to find out more about French windows vs flush windows, then keep on reading below. If you have any additional questions about the profiles we offer and the benefits they provide, then please contact our friendly team today!

flush windows vs french windows

Unique Profile Designs

The main difference between French casement windows and flush casement windows is the profile and how they are manufactured.

French casement windows look like standard casement windows. The profile protrudes out of the uPVC frame, making it slightly bulkier than a flush casement window. The main difference between a French casement and standard casement is that when you open the windows, you’ll notice a flying mullion.

This unique feature means that no part of the window is left behind when it’s opened. This will allow homeowners to open their windows and enjoy an unobstructed view of their exterior surroundings.
With flush windows, the profile is a lot slimmer. The profile sits flush within the frame, providing a sleek aesthetic overall.

Depending on what your clients are looking for, French windows and flush windows can be the perfect option. For your clients that live in older properties, flush windows may be the better option. This is because they will naturally replicate the look of traditional timber flush windows and perfectly suit the architecture. French windows manufactured in either uPVC or aluminium will be better suited to modern or more traditional type properties.

french casement windows vs flush casement windows

French Windows vs Flush windows, which performs better?

In terms of performance, both profiles offer fantastic performance that will be ideal for all of your clients needs. Depending on which brand you go for, there will be slight differences in the specifications and functions offered.

Generally flush casement windows and French casement windows will perform exceptionally well in every home they’re installed into. They have been carefully manufactured to ensure that they exceed all standards of quality and provide you or your clients with long lasting and efficient performance.

They are meticulously tested by industry professionals to make sure the profiles offer a fantastic level of thermal efficiency, durability, security, weatherproofing and more.

For more information on the range of performance benefits our flush and French windows have to offer, please get in touch with our knowledgeable team today!

flush vs french windows, which is best?

Flush & French Casement Windows Prices

Whether you are interested in flush casement windows or French casement windows, we can provide you with a competitive price. We offer a range of market leading profiles, so you’ll be sure to find the perfect supply only french or flush window that’s perfect for your clients homes.

To get a free quote for your new trade windows, please submit your project details into our online quoting tool. Here you will be able to submit the exact measurements, colours and hardware of the French and flush casement windows.

If you would like to speak with our expert team about any of our products or services, then please fill in our online contact form or give us a call on 01284 700811. We will be happy to assist you with any questions you need and provide you with all the advice you require.


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