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Secondary Glazing

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Secondary Glazing

  • Suitable For Conservation Areas
  • Cost-Effective Method
  • Energy-Efficient Glass
  • Subtle Appearance
  • Highly Secure Fit
  • Multi-Purpose

Secondary Glazing Features and Benefits

High-Performance Profile

Using a sleekly designed aluminium profile, our secondary glazing gives old-school buildings a higher sense of security and without modifying the period aesthetics. You’ll be able to preserve your windows for longer with this second unit and at a low-cost.

Precision-Engineered Glass

With an energy-efficient, high-performance glazed pane firmly in place of the aluminium frame, your window will not only add to its own lifespan, but help buildings generate heat more naturally.

Secure Ventilation

During the summer, you’ll benefit from a naturally air-conditioned space by opening your high-performance windows, while in the winter, a secondary glazed unit shall help heat remain inside the building and help cold draughts away with their secure fitting.

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High-End Secondary Glazing Service

We provide a secondary glazing service to support windows and doors with high-quality glass. Ultra Trade Frames are able to transform the performance of an old building to offer matching aesthetics yet incredible performance, utilising aluminium secondary glazing.

We essentially install a second window within the window, which incorporates a sleek, aluminium profile and matching glazed unit to offer complementing aesthetics that blends seamlessly into the window frame.

Granada Secondary Glazing are leading suppliers of secondary glazing, and we only work with the very best to provide you with high-quality solutions. Using Granada’s secondary glazing, we are able to install some incredible buildings with the latest technology without noticing anything has even happened.

Secondary Glazing

Cost-Effective Secondary Glazing

We offer energy-efficient glass, allowing heritage buildings to achieve greater warmth without spoiling the bespoke aesthetic. It will also lower your carbon footprint, as costly central heating systems emit carbon gases into the Ozone layer.

Secondary glazing can be used on single glazed units and double glazing units to enhance the performance of windows and doors. We supply and install all kind of secondary glazing for different purposes. Whether to preserve the performance of traditional buildings or to provide a cost-effective alternative for a commercial use, we can accommodate.

Secondary glazing is proven to be stronger and more thermally-efficient than double glazing by a significant percentage and means rather than directly replacing a single or double glazed window, you can merely add another glazed unit. A thermally-efficient building remains warm and will also contribute a lower carbon footprint.

Our secondary glazing is also highly-secure, and discreetly integrated so that the appearance does to alter at all, which we appreciate is important for old buildings. The designs that we offer combine function and form to excel in all areas.

Secondary Glazing

High-Performance Secondary Glazing

Our secondary glazing provides outstanding thermal insulation and excellent levels of sound insulation. Where it is important to maintain the traditions of an old building, a noisy, modern day environment can spoil that, especially with standard single or double glazing.

Our high-performance secondary glazing rectifies that, allowing you to conduct your customers to enjoy an exceptional degree of peace. Secondary glazing is condensation-free, as we supply innovative trickle vents, which are available in several size configurations to offer an uninterrupted aesthetic.

Condensation can be a significant problem with windows and doors of old age buildings, which we is why use this integral technology to provide a solution to the problem. Our innovative processes provide cost-effective, low maintenance solutions to the official owner. You’ll benefit from extraordinary views, with excellently clear windows and low aluminium sightlines.

Secondary glazing provides all-around performance without having to move home or reinstall windows. However, our secondary glazing is also appropriate for new builds, if there’s a cheaper window or door you’d like to install.

Secondary Glazing Prices Bury St Edmunds

Secondary Glazing Prices

Get in touch with us today for your free secondary glazing quote. For a competitive price, you can protect your home in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Norwich, and throughout East Anglia from the external noise pollution.

You can simply get in touch by visiting our contact page and completing the form with your contact details. We will be in contact with you promptly to assist you further.

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