Introducing uPVC Double Glazing from Profile22

Double Glazed uPVC Windows and Doors from Profile22

At Ultra Trade Frames, we pride ourselves on the quality of products and service we deliver to our customers. We are always looking to give you the best possible supply-only double glazing at fantastic prices. This is why we are introducing the Profile22 range of double glazing to our portfolio. We offer Profile 22 double glazing in Bury St Edmunds, Ipswich, Norwich, Peterborough, Colchester and throughout East Anglia.

Why Profile22?

The reason is that Profile22 is a market-leading uPVC double glazing brand that provides a stunning range of products with exceptional performance. Here are some of the benefits you can expect from our Profile22 supply-only range.

Benefits of our Profile22 uPVC Double Glazing

uPVC Double Glazing from Profile22

A Comprehensive Selection

With our Profile22 range, you can get a complete selection of uPVC double glazing. Our range comprises of casement windows and flush casement windows. We also provide tilt and turn windows as well as flush tilt and turn windows. We also offer fully reversible windows.

Our collection of Profile22 uPVC doors is equally extensive. In addition to residential doors, we also offer sliding patio doors and French doors. You can also get supply-only emergency doors from our Profile22 range.

A Choice of Profiles

With our Profile22 range, you can get the uPVC profile of your choice. The new Optima profile comes in fabulous Sculptured, Chamfered, or Flush options. Each profile gives you a specific look, so you can pick and choose the one that fits your and your client’s requirements.

The Sculptured profile provides an ornate style to any property, while the Chamfered profile lends itself beautifully to a modern property with clean lines. The Flush profile is ideal for homes that require the classic design of traditional wooden joinery but without the problems associated with it.

Fantastic Thermal Performance

Heat Efficient uPVC Profile from Profile22

One of the biggest advantages you get with our Profile22 range is its thermal performance. These uPVC profiles are created to give you better insulation even in the coldest of winters. With the Flush profile, you get the advantage of an innovative ‘Aeroframe’ technology that creates a thermal wall for a warmer property.

Complete Security

The Optima window systems from Profile22 offer amazing strength and security. The profiles come equipped with a central Eurogroove. As a result, the sashes get greater rigidity. Additionally, they also offer a strategic local wall thickening. This allows for 35% better retention of screws and other hardware. As a result, they meet all security requirements, giving you up to a Secured by Design level of protection.

Enhanced Weather Protection

In addition, these exceptional double glazed windows and doors come with seals and gaskets to keep out draughts and rainwater seepage. These systems also have deeper channels for drainage. This ensure that any moisture drains away, leaving the windows and doors free of mould. As a result, they keep the property warm and dry and help reduce maintenance costs.

Slim uPVC Frames with Profile22

Slim Frames for Sleek Style

The sturdy uPVC profile of the Optima range is quite slim and sleek. As a result, you get more glass with fewer obstructions in the view. This means that the property where you install them will get copious amounts of natural light and a clear view of the outdoors.

Consistent Look for the Property

With the comprehensive selection you get in our Profile22 range, you can get everything you need for your property. As a result, your windows and doors can be of a consistent style and design, giving you an overall look that remains the same across the board. Even when you want to replace one item, you can tailor its look so that it matches the existing double glazing.

Choice of Colour

One of the ways you can customise your double glazed windows and doors is by choosing the colour you want. With our Profile22 range, you now get a wider selection of colours and finishes for your uPVC double glazing. This includes colour foils that include everything from bright and bold hues to subtle and muted tones. We even offer woodgrain finishes so your uPVC windows and doors look like authentic timber fittings.

Bespoke uPVC Double Glazing from Profile22

Carefully Crafted Details

Our uPVC windows and doors are designed to give you the style that you and your clients require. This is why we give you uPVC profiles that are true to their style. These include flush casement windows that look exactly like wooden windows in every respect. We even provide a flush deep bottom rail so that the timber joinery look remains true to form.

Profile22 uPVC Double Glazing Prices

In spite of the fabulous features you get, our Profile22 uPVC double glazing prices are incredibly competitive. As a result, both you and your clients get superb value with our products. If you want to find out how much our Profile22 uPVC windows and doors cost, try out our online quoting engine. This will give you a quick and easy estimate of the cost of your uPVC double glazing.

Alternatively, you can contact us with your requirements. We will get back to you will your tailored Profile22 uPVC double glazing quotes.


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