How Can Your Clients Save Energy In 2023?

We go over the best ways for your clients to save energy in this challenging year.

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How Can You Save Energy In 2023?

At Ultra Trade Frames, we provide double glazing products and extension parts for homes in East Anglia and South East England. We make sure each product is tailored to the measurements of your build and supply it to you quickly while providing the best customer service. We are trusted partners with installers all over the South East, to make sure your business runs seamlessly. Our excellent supplies, speedy delivery and top-notch customer service makes us the perfect choice for tradespeople and business managers looking for a new double glazing supplier.

At Ultra Trade Frames, we are proud to offer impartial advice to our customers, South East homeowners, and anyone looking for our range of high-quality products. In 2023, times have never been harder when it comes to energy prices. In the article below, we discuss the all-important topic of how your clients can save energy in 2023. 

Why Is It Important To Save Energy?

Most homeowners welcome the UK Government’s Energy Price Guarantee, although some think it hasn’t come soon enough– after energy prices soared this past year, making it difficult for households to make ends meet. Although the price may be lower now, many people are still feeling the financial burden of those price hikes. Homeowners are hoping the government will implement long-term strategies that will stabilise energy costs in future years.

We can make a positive contribution to the global environment by adopting more energy-efficient solutions in both the home and workplace. Switching to energy-efficient light bulbs, washing machines, refrigerators and other electronics can reduce our energy consumption significantly. Additionally, investing in energy improvement projects, such as insulation, double glazing and energy-efficient appliances, can help to reduce the need for resources. Energy-efficiency is the most effective technology to reduce resource pressure and pave the way for a greener future.

Internal Controls

While high quality home improvements are perfect additions to any property, looking at a home’s thermostat and boiler can be a great place to start to help your clients improve their thermal efficiency. 

Your clients can save money on their energy bills by turning down their thermostat. Lowering a thermostat can help to conserve energy as well as reduce humidity and improve comfort in any home. For optimal savings, advise your clients to set their thermostat at the most comfortable and economical temperature, and keep it there for most of the day. Investing in a programmable thermostat is also a great option, as it helps to reduce drastic temperature swings and allows for more precise temperature adjustments.

Lowering the temperature setting on a boiler is also an effective way to save money. When you reduce the heat output of a boiler, the boiler uses less energy to heat through, which translates into cheaper monthly energy bills for your clients. However, there’s a bit of a balance to this suggestion- it might take some experimentation to find the best temperature for each household. If your clients find they are adding a lot of cold water to the hot water output of their baths or showers, this a good indication that they could do with turning the boiler settings down. 

Home Improvement Projects

When we talk about saving energy, there’s one suggestion that seems very common- double glazing or triple glazing. Double glazing, also known as insulating glass, is an energy efficient window treatment. It’s composed of two glass panes which are separated by a space, typically filled with air or gas. The trapped air or gas creates an effective sealing between the two panes, meaning heat can slip through less easily. This helps keep the hot air out, and the cool air in during the summer and the warm air inside during the winter. 

The energy efficiency of double glazing isn’t just limited to your client’s windows; in fact, it can have a noticeable impact on their energy bills. Studies have shown that households with double glazed windows and doors can save up to 20 percent on their heating. With times getting tougher in the UK, investing in double glazing could mean everything in as little as a few years. 

Your clients might also want to consider upgrading the doors of their properties. When it comes to home renovations and upgrades, there are few projects more important than investing in double glazed doors. Providing more insulation and better protection from the elements, energy efficient doors are crucial when it comes to improving thermal efficiency and keeping your client’s homes comfortable. 

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