How Do Smart Aluminium Doors Compare to Others on the Market?

How Do Smart Aluminium Doors Compare to Others on the Market?

Here at Ultra Trade Frames, we understand the importance of selecting the perfect door for your customers. We are a market leading supplier of both aluminium and uPVC windows in South East England and East Anglia, and pride ourselves on providing high quality trade frames for a variety of tradesmen. To help your company choose from our variety of frames,  and make the right choice for each and every project, we’d like to cut through the terminology and inform you on the differences between the frames we offer. 

So- what’s the difference between Smart aluminium doors and other brands of door? What projects are they suited to, and what sets them apart from other doors on the market? Why are aluminium frames such good offerings on the market today? Let’s get started!

Smart Aluminium Doors

Smart aluminium doors are a hassle free and low maintenance choice of door for any homeowner. They can easily fit into an existing budget, and come with impressive thermal efficiency that helps homeowners to save money for years to come. For an investment that truly pays itself off, we absolutely recommend the Smart aluminium door range!

We make installation hassle-free for the tradesmen we supply. Smart aluminium doors are high quality, easy to install and come with impressive weatherproofing features that make them perfect for any home. This range of Smart aluminium doors are tested to achieve the BS6375 Pt 1 standard for weatherproofing, ensuring they can withstand even the harshest weather. For impressive quality that you can trust, sure to impress any customer, this range of doors is sure to deliver. 

These doors are designed to be sturdy and strong for years to come. That’s why they come with a 10-year guarantee, promising to perform to an industry leading standard. If you’re looking to supply your customers with a door that is truly built to last, with exceptional customer care even after installation is complete, Smart aluminium doors are perfect for your project.

Style Choices

With a Smart aluminium door, customers have exceptional choice over the design of their aluminium door. We understand that having a myriad of choices in the current market is important- and that’s why we ensure we supply these Smart aluminium doors in over 150 RAL colours. If your customers are keen to have a door that truly reflects their style and blends in seamlessly with their property, then the Smart aluminium door range is perfect to help them create a beautiful home improvement. 

Highly Secure

Our range of Smart aluminium doors also come with high security glazing, sure to deter any potential intruders from your customer’s properties. We also offer these doors with advanced locking mechanisms, including security deadlocks and hook bolts, to help give your customers increased peace of mind. We ensure this range of Smart aluminium doors don’t just look great- they perform well in the areas that matter the most. 

Installation Features

Smart aluminium doors are easy to install- and we’ll even walk you through the process if you’ve not installed one before! Our range of aluminium doors are available at impressive, competitive prices- ensuring you can give the best possible deals to your customers. We also pride ourselves on making sure these doors have a fast turnaround. We understand that short order-to-installation times are important for busy homeowners, and that’s why we make sure they are delivered promptly. 

Smart aluminium doors are fabricated locally, ensuring they can be delivered quickly. This gives us an edge over our competitors, supplying your new door efficiently for installation in a time that’s sure to wow your customers. 

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How Do Smart Aluminium Doors Compare to Others on the Market?

The most obvious comparison is to look at the differences between Smart aluminium doors and Reynaers aluminium doors. Both of these options offer exceptional energy efficiency and weatherproofing, meaning that no matter which option you choose, the frames we supply deliver in this vital area. Both Smart and Reynaers rigorously test their ranges of aluminium doors, ensuring they fulfil robust weatherproofing standards. Your customers can rest assured that no matter which door they pick, their home will be resistant to even the harshest weather. 

We offer an extensive range of both Smart Aluminium doors and the Reynaers aluminium doors, meaning both styles of door can be used in a variety of builds. For the Smart aluminium door, we offer their complete Visofold range, as well as their Slide Mono Rail range- ensuring that no matter what opening mechanism a customer may desire, we can deliver. Similarly, Reynaers doors are also incredibly versatile- available in 2-7 leaved sections, 4 threshold options, up to 3m in height and can be configured to open inward or outward. Smart aluminium doors present a highly versatile option for homeowners and businesses alike, similar to other similar brands on the market. 

Both the Smart aluminium door range and the Reynaers aluminium door range are available in a variety of colours. While the Smart range is available in over 150 RAL colours, the Reynaers doors are available in 450 shades, with metallic, anodised, matte or gloss finishes. They can also come with a Coatex finish, making them have increased scratch resistance. For increased style options, it might be worth considering the Reynaers range- especially for heavy duty business uses, which may benefit from this increased resistance. Reynaers also offer a variety of hardware that perfectly matches the colours of a customer’s new door. 

Aluminium or uPVC?

Smart aluminium doors are constructed with robust, versatile aluminium frames that can be recycled at the end of their natural lives. Aluminium doors and uPVC doors are both excellent options for home and business owners looking for a robust yet aesthetically pleasing entranceway. Aluminium doors are generally seen as the stronger of the two options as they have thicker gauges and a stronger frame, which makes them more suitable for high traffic or high security settings. 

Aluminium doors also tend to be more expensive than uPVC, but their superior durability makes them the ideal choice for commercial projects. uPVC doors are often chosen for residential use due to their low maintenance requirements and cost. They are available in a variety of styles and colours that can match most décor, making them the more popular choice. Both uPVC and aluminium are also highly energy efficient, offering excellent insulation value regardless of framing material.

Decided on Smart Aluminium Doors?

Get in touch with our team. We would love to discuss our supplies in more detail and provide a quote for our range of Smart aluminium doors. With high quality thermal efficiency, security, style and versatility, this range of doors is sure to wow any potential customer. To discuss your project and get a quote, give us a ring on 01284 700811.

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