How Do WARMroofs Compare to Other Designs on the Market?

Let's discuss all the benefits of WARMroofs.

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How Do WARMroofs Perform Compared to Similar Designs?

Here at Ultra Trade Frames, we supply a variety of double glazing products and extension parts for homes across East Anglia and South East England. All our products are made to measure, ensuring they reach the exact requirements of every build. We help to keep businesses running with our fast delivery times and excellent customer service, that you simply won’t find anywhere else. We work with installers all across the South East- ensuring your installation business operates as effectively and smoothly as possible. If you’re a tradesperson or business manager looking for a new double glazing supplier, Ultra Trade Frames is the perfect place for you. 

We also provide impartial advice to our customers, as well as homeowners, across the South East. If you’re interested in our excellently fabricated range of products, we can even help you find an installer near you. No matter what you’re looking for, Ultra Trade Frames can absolutely help. In this article, we discuss conservatory roofs- specifically, the WARMroof range we provide to our customers. How does this roof stack up compared to other similar products? Is a WARMroof worth considering for your home or business? Let’s take a look together. 

Why Should I Consider a WARMroof Over Other Designs?

WARMroof conservatory roofs are the perfect combination of style and functionality. These roofs combine the traditional look of a conservatory roof with the modern heat retention technology of a solid insulated roof, giving you a beautiful and comfortable living space year-round. The WARMroof range provides superior levels of insulation to your conservatory, while reducing noise pollution and bringing natural light into the room. The high-performance glass and traditional aluminium roller blinds included provide excellent sun protection, while allowing plenty of natural light in. With a variety of stylish finishes, each WARMroof conservatory roof is a unique piece that’s sure to become a stunning focal point of your home.

warmroof suppliers East Anglia

The cleverly designed ‘breathable roof construction’ of these roofs allows any trapped damp or moisture inside the structure to be dissipated and escape, while also keeping things warm during the cold winter months. Since the insulation layer is located on the outer surface of the tiles, they are able to insulate the room in any season by not allowing too much heat to enter the room during hot summers, or too much cold to filter in during winter. This intricate design allows for a stable and comfortable environment all year round.

Our WARMroof roofing systems offer superior thermal insulation properties when compared with other traditional roofs. These roofs have been designed to guarantee a minimum thermal insulation value of 0.18 W/m2k, allowing your company to help lower your customer’s energy bills. If you choose our Hybrid Glass option, you’ll be able to benefit from an even lower U-value of 0.6 W/m2k, providing incredible levels of thermal efficiency for any property.

Freedom of Choice

WARMroof extension roofs offer a customisable style that can be tailored to fit any customer’s property. We offer two types of tile options: the Envirotile made from recycled polymer for an environment-friendly clay tile look, or the TapcoSlate, a blend of limestone and polypropylene for an authentically slate-like appearance. Both Envirotile and TapcoSlate are lightweight and recyclable, and come with a 25-year and 40-year guarantee, respectively. If neither of these tile options suffice, our WARMroof system is designed to carry the weight of any tiling material including concrete, clay and slate. No matter what you need, these smart roofs have you covered. 

We also offer a Hybrid system for clients who are looking for an ultra comfy conservatory. Our WARMroof Hybrid system is ideal for clients who are looking for natural light combined with a sturdy roofing system. This system comes with a range of options, including a timber-lined internal frame or a plastic option for a modern finish. It combines a durable solid or tiled conservatory roof with 44mm triple glazed panels to provide both brightness and ventilation. 

We also offer a stunning collection of roof lights. Velux roof lights enable clients to pick the right level of illumination and air circulation to suit their preferences. For increased control over the light level in each conservatory, the tiled options of these roofs can enable light to enter from different angles- positioned to take advantage of the winter sun or avoid harsh sunlight in hotter months. 

Why Is Thermal Efficiency Important?

Thermal efficiency is important in conservatory roofs for a number of reasons. Good thermal performance ensures that your customer’s conservatories stays cool in the warmer months and warm in the winter months. This reduces the need for air conditioning and heating- helping your customers save money surrounding the management of their conservatories. 

Good thermal performance also helps to keep noise levels to a minimum, as well as reducing potential condensation problems. As conservatories typically have large glass areas, it’s important that their roofs function well- providing thermal efficiency that lasts throughout the four seasons, and in any harsh weather. Protecting your larger double glazed surfaces couldn’t be more important than in your conservatory!

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