What Brands Offer the Most Competitive Door Options?

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Here at Ultra Trade Frames, we know that you want to ensure that your customers are receiving products from reliable and high quality companies. By choosing Ultra Trade Frames, you are also choosing to work with some of our partners, who we work closely with and can vouch for their quality products.

residence 9 doors - internal view of residence patio doors


Origin is a market-leading manufacturer of bi-fold doors. Origin supplies installers and homeowners with a wide range of aluminium doors for all of your customer’s needs. Origin’s hero product is their bifolding doors; however they also offer a wide range of natural light enhancing internal and external doors.

Origin’s bifold doors are bespoke-made to fit the home and come in a range of colours. They are equipped with an 8-point locking system for heightened security and come with heavy zinc hinges, which are also great for keeping your home secure from outside forces. Origin’s doors also have slim sightlines and low thresholds, ensuring an uninterrupted exterior view.

Residence 9

Residence 9 offers traditional style doors for all homes. With a beautiful traditional aesthetic and authentic appearance, these doors make a beautiful addition to any British home. Residence 9 doors are thermally efficient and rigorously tested to withstand adverse weather conditions. 

The Residence 9 doors we supply at Ultra Trade Frames are specifically designed for the home improvement project we are supplying for, therefore ensuring the doors are customised to your client’s needs.


Solidor supplies an extensive range of composite doors, each of which is customisable to your client’s needs and aesthetics. Solidor doors are designed with weatherproof materials and a timber core for a more durable build. Solidor doors are also 10% thicker than traditional composite doors, which is beneficial for a homeowner who is looking to lower their energy bills as this additional thickness creates a closer seal around the door and frame, ensuring warm air from inside the home does not escape. 

Solidor doors are also renowned for their security standards. Each Solidor door supplied by Ultra Trade Frames is fitted with the Ultion advanced locking system, which leaves your client’s home with additional security.

Here at Ultra Trade Frames, we also have a Solidor door designer tool on our site, which is excellent for being able to show your clients their new door design prior to installation, and ensures the client’s needs and expectations are being met prior to committing to purchase.


Liniar offers a range of uPVC residential doors for your client’s homes. These doors are built to fit the aesthetic and taste of the client, coming in a range of woodgrain foils for a traditional wooden look. 

uPVC doors from Liniar are superior in energy efficiency. Unlike traditional timber or wooden doors, uPVC does not rot or warp when exposed to excess water, therefore ensuring the door stays looking and functioning as if it is brand new for years to come. Liniar’s doors are also low maintenance and can be cleaned with a damp cloth, to keep your customer’s doors looking fresh for the long term.


If your client is looking for uPVC, Rehau also offers a range of uPVC front, stable and back doors. Each of these door styles are highly secure, with the Rehau uPVC front door being fitted with 2 reverse hooks, a deadbolt and 2 rollers multi-locking system for added security for your client’s home.

Rehau doors are also tested for weatherproofing to ensure the products you offer to your clients last for the long term. The Rehau uPVC doors are also customisable to your client’s taste, ensuring they receive the products they want in a timely manner.


Reyaners offer sliding doors and bifold doors, perfect for your clients who are looking for a panoramic outward view to add to their home’s value and living space. These doors are also ideal for enhancing the property’s natural light, therefore benefitting the homeowner in reducing their energy bills. 

These doors also benefit the homeowner by reducing noise being emitted out of the home and also from the outdoors inwards. Aluminium bifold and sliding doors are a great option for homeowners looking to open their homes’ space outwards into the garden, and with slim sightlines, they are practical and accessible.


Here at Ultra Trade Frames, we also supply SMART designer doors, perfect for your customers who are looking for a statement entranceway door. The SMART designer doors can be designed in 5 different styles, such as modern, traditional, and cottage; therefore, they are a versatile option for your clients’ homes as they can be designed and customised according to their needs.

SMART designer doors are made from aluminium, an excellent material for homeowners looking for security, weatherproofing and high quality performance.

By choosing to supply your clients’ projects through Ultra Trade Frames, you can give your clients a wide range of options for their door renovation projects. Contact the team on 01284 700811 or start your online quote now, and give your clients the best service with Ultra Trade Frames!


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