Rehau uPVC Casement Windows
  • 'A' Rated as Standard
  • Wide Range of Security Options Available
  • Selection of Configurations and Styles to Suit Your Customers
  • Available in Over 150 Colours and Finishes
  • High Security uPVC Profile
  • Efficient Sound Proofing
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Rehau uPVC Casement Windows

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Rehau uPVC Casement Windows

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Rehau uPVC Casement Windows

  • ‘A’ Rated as Standard
  • Wide Range of Security Options Available
  • Selection of Configurations and Styles to Suit Your Customers
  • Available in Over 150 Colours and Finishes
  • High Security uPVC Profile
  • Efficient Sound Proofing

Impressive Rehau Casement Windows

Ultra Trade Frames supply REHAU uPVC casement windows to installers throughout East Anglia, Bury St Edmunds and the South East. These windows are built to last and provide an impressive performance on any property.

Rehau double glazed casement windows in East Anglia are safe and secure. They come with a choice of the most cutting edge high performance handles, hinges and locking mechanisms. Your customers can have confidence that a Rehau casement window will keep them protected from intruders.

REHAU have been producing high quality casement windows for a number of years, so you can trust that you’re clients are investing in market leading profiles that have been designed to offer long lasting performance that will keep a property performing efficiently for years to come.

We will help you design the perfect uPVC casement windows for your clients’ homes. We offer a range of impressive customisations, so you can create a range of unique designs that complement any style of new build or period style property.

If you would like to find out more about what our REHAU casement windows offer, then please contact our team today. We can offer you all the information you require.

Versatile Design

The design options for Rehau uPVC casement windows are virtually limitless. We can offer you a choice of fixed panes, top opening fanlights and side opening lights, these casement windows can be combined to create a wide variety of styles.

You can also offer your customers a selection of style options, including decorative glass and clip-on astragal bars. This means that your customers can choose a style that suits their tastes and property.

These uPVC casement windows in Bury St Edmunds also come in a range of over 150 sprayed colours, using Rehau’s innovative Acryl II colour system, as well as a range of finishes. The end product is truly bespoke to your customers’ requirements.

All Round Protection

The REHAU casement windows are manufactured using robust uPVC materials. This ensures that a property is well protected from adverse weather. Unlike their timber counterparts, the uPVC windows will not rot or decay after years of exposure to the natural elements.

These uPVC casement windows offer incredible energy efficiency and soundproofing. They come with an A WER rating and can reduce noise by up to half. Your East Anglia customers will be kept warm and have their energy bills lowered, as well as having outside noise, such as traffic, minimalised.

Rehau double glazed casement windows in Bury St Edmunds are low maintenance, they will continue to perform to a high standard year after year, giving a quality experience for the end user.

For Rehau casement windows prices, try our online quote calculator. It’s free and there’s no obligation, you can use it to get a quote tailored to your exact specifications in just a few minutes.

REHAU Casement Windows Prices, Bury St Edmunds

At Ultra Trade Frames, we can provide you with market leading REHAU casement windows that are perfect for a selection of modern and period applications. We have an expert team that will be able to bring your client’s project designs to life.

For a free casement windows quote, why not try our online quote engine. By submitting the project details, you will receive a personal price. It’s simple to use and free, so test it out today and see how much your supply only REHAU casement windows cost.

You can also give our team a call on 01284 700811 if you have any additional questions. We have an expert and friendly team that will be able to assist you with anything you need.

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Secure and Safe

With a selection of security features available, your customers can be confident that their home will be protected against intruders with the REHAU Maidstone Casement windows. The profiles are fitted with state of the art locks and robust hinges, enhancing the security further.

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Energy Efficient

A rated windows come as standard in the uPVC casement windows range. Offer your client the very best in thermal efficiency. Your client's home will stay warm and well insulated. The profiles will trap warm pockets of warm air and help to reduce the costs of energy bills.

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Limitless Choice

REHAU Maidstone Casement windows come with almost limitless options so that they can be tailored to meet your customers’ needs. You'll be able to accommodate all tastes and preferences. Our REHAU casement windows in Bury St Edmunds come in a range of colours and finishes, allowing the designs to be as bold or as subdued as your clients desire.

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